Thursday, October 26, 2006

Inspiration: series 2

The most impacting inspiration. Seeing Izuogu's creation, the Z-600 in 1997 was a sign that Nigeria could do something if it wanted to. I was swallowed by emotions for the car that I failed to judge the car's design immediately. It was just good enough that a prototype was built in my country. Fast forward to 2006 and that prototype never made it to production, facing unnecessary hurdles and armed robbery. Now South Africa has shown interest in the car and want to build on it. This is where my analysis is awakened. Technically I see the stealing of the equipment to put the car into production a mixed blessing. Now I look at the car and its design is pretty old for 2006. A Z-600 version 2 would have a far better chance of surviving taking advantage of industry developments made since 1997. I always pray Izuogu starts a new car for the venture with South Africa. Nigeria and other African nations have to think innovatively about car building and not follow what the west have already done. The mention of the Z-600 still strikes a chord in my spirit, it was what ignited my passion.

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John Nwaodu said...

To those confused people who still believe that Nigerians no matter what etnic group can still live together as a nation. Let this be an eye openner to you all that there are still people in nigeria who will do anything to stop nigeria from emerging as an economic giant. Now, can you give me reasons why the government of Nigeria will not support to make the nigerian car Z-600 a possibility. Let me tell you guys something and i know some of us knows this.Industrial revolution will take place in Africa if only Nigerians for the sake of God support the Z-600 Car, and who ever does that, his or her name will be written in gold and will be remembered as long as we exist on earth.