Tuesday, July 18, 2006

TATA's $2200 car moving ahead

Mid last year, Tata's CEO ratan Tata announced that they are developing a people's car for India and it would sell for aorund $2200. Now they seem to be moving ahead with production starting in 2008. This is very exciting because Tata is abandoning any western preconcieved notions and taking a radical approah. Using an onsite dealership assembly. Many of it's competitors especially maruti say the feat is impossible. I thoght the same myself, until closer examination revealed that this does not only make sense, it would be the next manufacturing revolution since the Flexible factory assembly pioneered by the Japanese that allows different cars to be built on the same assembly line. Some in india are wondering if people will buy. I personally think such a strategy is excellent for naijacar to emulate.

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